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Annas Honey

Bulk Clover Honey - 12 lb Pail (1 gal)

  • Freshly Harvested Honey
  • Packaged in a Resealable Plastic Pail
  • The Premiere Honey of the Pacific NW
  • Product of the USA
  • Total Net Wt 12 lb (1 gal)

This 12-pound (1 gallon) pail of honey is a wonderful solution for those who love to enjoy honey year-round. The long shelf-life of this honey makes it the perfect choice to buy in bulk. With proper storing techniques, this honey can last for over a year, tasting clean and fresh the entire time. This bulk pail provides superior value for this popular honey varietal.

Anna’s gourmet honey products are made differently, using 100% pure and natural honey without any preservatives or artificial ingredients added. Unlike other honey a person might find at a supermarket, Anna’s uses special filtration methods to remove bee parts and wax pieces while preserving the flavor and quality of the honey.

Every drop of honey in this pail comes from the nectar of clover flowers throughout the Pacific Northwest. This honey is single-origin, meaning the bees gather the nectar from one type of flower when producing this flavor. Similar to fine wine, this honey retains a distinct color, aroma, and flavor profile. Out of all honey varietals, clover honey is one of the most popular due to a subtle and sweet taste.

For gourmet honey experiences for months on end, nothing compares to Anna’s Honey.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
best honey

i have tried so many brands, but anna's honey is the best.
like all flavors.


The honey is awesome. We use it everyday. In tea, on toast and for baking.

Great quality honey

Fantastic flavor and it makes a great mead. I will use this as the base for all my future mead. I wish I could get the other flavors in the bulk sizes!

Chris Nimick
Best honey ever!

I just ordered a gallon of this local honey, and it is fresh, and very sweet and so good! I have given up sugar, but still need a little sweetness and cream in my morning cup of coffee, this is just perfect for me, also in iced tea. Absoultely a 5 star food, love this, plus buying in bulk its very cost effective! Thanks Annas honey, I love your product.

Tuan Pham
Bulk Clover Honey - Anna Honey - 12lb Pail (1 gal) Rating

Yes, It meets my expectation with 5 stars for rating. I will recommend
to all my friends. If they need or concern it.