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Annas Honey

Wildflower Honey Gift Jar - 18 Oz

  • Packaged in an Elegant Glass Honey Jar
  • Harvested naturally in the Pacific Northwest
  • Delicious and natural sugar replacement
  • Product of the USA
  • Total net weight: 18 ounces

, Unlike other honey varietals, Wildflower honey comes from nectar gathered from various flowers of the Pacific Northwest. The variety of flowers used leads to a balanced flavor of honey, not too sweet and not too rich. This 18-ounce jar is the perfect way to lightly add a touch of sweetness to foods without overpowering them.

Embracing the fresh-from-the-hive experience, Anna’s never includes additives or preservatives. In each jar of wildflower honey, expect an authentic honey taste as it is found in nature. By using special processes, Anna’s never over-filter or over-heat its honey. This way, all of the natural flavor and nutrients are preserved.

The natural sugars found in honey provide sustained energy throughout the day and make for a healthy alternative to caffeine and energy drinks. One spoonful of premium wildflower honey is all it takes for a great-tasting way to perk up.

This flavorful honey varietal comes in a beautiful 18-ounce glass jar, perfect to give as gifts to friends and family. Honey’s long shelf life ensures loved ones can enjoy this diverse flavor for an entire year.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
heather sloan
Delicious local honey

I am a long time customer of Anna's Honey and I love, love, love the Wildflower and Blackberry honey. They are delicious, very high quality honey.

Honey Lovers
Wildflower Honey

Annas honey is the best I have ever purchased. We especially love the wildflower honey for its sweet flavor with no aftertaste as in some honey. We use it for tea, baking substitute for sugar, medicinal uses. We use it for everything. IT IS THE BEST!!!

Absolutely superlative honey.

My personal experience is that this honey not only has extraordinary taste but has unexpected positive side-benefits. Let me explain. I have a chronic ulcerative disease that flares from time to time. While the disease is normally held in check by medication, the effect of the medication has dramatically diminished during the last two months. So another drug was tried. No luck. I woke up one morning with a dramatic craving for honey. I bought a bottle of Anna's Wildflower Honey and have been taking five tablespoons per day for the last two weeks. During that time, the disease has progressively loosened its grip. Today I've returned almost to normal. I can't scientifically prove it, but my belief is that the honey itself exerted some kind of healing effect. Then again, the drugs may have been slow to kick in. Or maybe the honey interacted with body chemistry to facilitate the drugs. It's difficult to separate causality from correlation. But my personal observation is crystal clear: remission of symptoms directly correlated with honey consumption. Even better, it's the best honey I ever tasted!

H L Sloan
Wonderful, delicious and good for me

This honey is delicious. I have tried some other raw honeys and I find this one to be the best tasting. I drink lots of good quality loose leaf tea and this honey compliments it well. I'm also using this wildflower honey to attempt to alleviate some of my seasonal allergy symptoms - not sure if it's working yet but it sure tastes great trying.