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Annas Honey

Fireweed Honey Mini Mason Jar - 12 oz

  • Convenient wide-mouthed jar
  • Fresh from the Pacific Northwest
  • Made from pollen of blooming fireweed flowers
  • Product of the USA
  • Total net weight: 12 ounces

The rare fireweed flower only blooms under specific conditions, making it a sought-after honey flavor. This revered honey is sometimes called “The Champagne of Honey” for its sophisticated flavor notes.

Dedicated beekeepers create this honey varietal by housing honey bees near fireweed flowers in the Pacific Northwest. As the bees gather the nectar from these fireweed plants, the honey they create takes on unique qualities.

The raw fireweed honey is filtered at 200 microns and heated at low temperatures to remove impurities. This process makes the honey safe to eat while maintaining its nutrients and flavor profile. With over forty years of honey-making experience, Anna’s ensures a gourmet-quality product in every jar.

Enjoy the rich and dark taste of fireweed honey in this 12-ounce Mason jar. This jar has a long shelf life and can be kept in a pantry or kitchen for over a year and still taste fresh. For those eager to taste this honey varietal, this jar is the perfect amount to try.