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Annas Honey

Fireweed Honey Gift Jar - 18 oz

  • Packaged in an elegant glass honey jar
  • Harvested naturally in the Pacific Northwest
  • Rich and decadent honey flavor
  • Product of the USA
  • Total net weight: 18 ounces

Fireweed honey is regarded as a treasure amongst honey enthusiasts. The golden amber color of this distinct flavor reflects its smooth and rich taste. Fireweed flowers only bloom under specific conditions, making this honey varietal the most sought-after.

Anna’s Honey maintains a commitment to quality by adding no preservatives or artificial ingredients. Made in remote locations from pollinating bees of the Pacific Northwest, this fireweed honey is made completely pure and natural. This honey is heated at low temperatures and filtered at 200 microns to remove impurities while preserving flavor and nutrients.

This 18-ounce glass gift jar is the perfect way to share this decadent honey varietal with loved ones. Give unique and floral flavor to friends and family for wildflower honey flavor on pancakes, sandwiches, and toast.