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Annas Honey

Clover Honey Mini Mason Jar

  • Convenient wide-mouthed jar
  • Fresh from the Pacific Northwest
  • Made from the nectar of clover flowers
  • Product of the USA
  • Total net weight: 12 ounces

Clover honey is the sweetest honey varietal and comes from nectar derived from clover flowers. This honey contains no preservatives or artificial ingredients for the cleanest clover honey taste possible.

Anna’s has made gourmet-quality honey varietals for over forty years. Like a fine wine, clover honey retains a distinct color, aroma, and flavor profile. By filtering at 200 microns and heating at low temperatures, this honey receives unparalleled quality. The natural flavor and appearance of this honey are maintained while removing any impurities.

This 12-ounce Mason jar makes for the perfect small gift to share with friends and family. Enjoy a sweet clover honey touch with pancakes, tea, or toast. Honey is a naturally occurring sugar replacement and provides plenty of nutrients to stay healthy.