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Clover Honey

Made from the nectar of clover flowers, this honey has remained the most popular varietal for many years. The sweet and light taste appeals to many and is considered the most traditional honey varietal. Clover honey takes on a bright amber color and a floral aroma, matching the sweet flavor.

Anna’s makes its clover honey from blooming flowers throughout the Pacific Northwest. Clover honey, like fireweed and blackberry honey, is considered single-origin; Meaning the honey produced primarily comes from the nectar of clover flowers for a pure floral flavor.

Due to its widespread appeal, clover honey is an excellent choice for a gift item or a beginning point for someone who isn’t sure which varietal to try. Mild clover flavor pairs excellently with breakfast foods, tea, and baking. Honey is a natural sweetener, and because clover is one of the sweetest varietals, it makes for an excellent replacement for processed sugar.