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Annas Honey

Blackberry Honey Mini Mason Jar - 12 oz

  • Convenient wide-mouthed jar
  • Fresh from the Pacific Northwest
  • Made from the pollen of blackberry flowers
  • Product of the USA
  • Total net weight: 12 ounces

Blackberry Honey is freshly harvested from the pollen blooming blackberry flowers. Dark and rich in appearance and flavor, this honey is perfect to pair with mild-flavored foods and drinks. Enjoy this small, wide-mouthed Mason jar to enjoy a touch of smooth blackberry honey taste.

Anna’s dedicated beekeepers bring honeybees to these native plants. The bees are allowed to pollinate and retrieve the nutrient-rich nectar from blackberry flowers. By creating honey with blackberry pollen as its primary source, the honey bees make this unique amber-colored honey.

The honey in each 12-ounce jar contains no preservatives or artificial ingredients to water down the pure honey taste. Anna’s spends time and attention making honey taste pure and natural by heating at low temperatures and filtering at 200 microns. The process removes any impurities while retaining blackberry honey’s natural taste and nutritional value.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Heaven in a jar

I discovered this rare piece of heaven right before an Alaskan cruise from Seattle, years ago. My wife and I love this honey, have found none better while traveling and sampling honey everywhere we go. We consider ourselves lucky to receive it's delicious, smooth, and blackberry goodness from Anna's.

Love it!

My husband parents had some of this honey, we tried it and was hooked. We love this honey so much we have a hard time with anything else and are pretty sad when it is out of stock so we try to savior it and stock up through the year. It is good quality and taste delicious. We love putting it in our tea.

high quality and excellent customer service

I've been buying this flavor of Anna's honey for several years. It's my favorite. Always high quality. They are sometimes out of the larger mason jars, which I prefer. Seattle Gourmet Foods has excellent customer service.

Bob Patterson

I usually purchase Clover Honey, but I bought some of this just to try. The flavor is great but the texture is too thin. I tends to run every where. I still enjoyed the great flavor but the product needs to be a little thicker.

B. Millar
Blackberry Honey in wide-mouth jar

Excellent honey. The wide mouth greatly reduces drips outside the jar.