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Annas Honey

Wildflower Honey Mason Jar - 22 oz

  • Packaged in a traditional mason jar
  • Honey freshly harvested in the Pacific Northwest
  • For natural immune system support
  • Product of the USA
  • Total net weight: 22 ounces

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Made from the nectar of a variety of blooming wildflowers, the flavor profile of this honey is diverse. This 22-ounce jar contains no preservatives or artificial ingredients for a clean and delicious honey taste. Never pasteurized, Anna’s uses 40 years of honey-making experience to present the highest-quality honey flavor possible.

Each of Anna’s Honey varietals is filtered at 200 microns and at a controlled temperature, to remove any impurities. By using this method, the natural flavor and the nutrition of the wildflower honey can be preserved. Similar to raw honey, the flavor profile of Anna’s Wildflower Honey is distinct with a balanced flavor from the nectar of numerous Pacific Northwest wildflowers.

Reminiscent of a simpler time, this honey comes in a classic wide-mouthed Mason jar filled with gourmet honey. This jar makes for a beautiful display or as a sweet gift for anyone in the need of a diverse honey flavor.