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Wildflower Honey's Sweet Variety

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A Naturally Delicious Honey Varietal

Single-source honey varietals are relatively simple. When trying a jar of clover, fireweed, or blackberry honey, there is an expectation for how the honey will taste. While these honey varietals each have their distinct taste, wildflower honey offers something unique.

Unlike other honey varietals, wildflower honey comes from multiple flower sources. Every drop of wildflower honey is made from a variety of flowers in the Pacific Northwest. This leads to a balanced flavor of honey, not too sweet and not too rich.

Due to the limited harvest of honey, each jar of wildflower may taste slightly different than another. This is a sign of natural and pure honey taste. Just like how two flowers aren’t exactly alike, honey also gives a variety of tastes.

Other honey producers may try to achieve a single uniform taste through over-filtering honey, but Anna’s embraces the fresh-from-the-hive experience. This is why despite these subtle differences in flavor profile, many prefer wildflower honey over other varietals.

Anna’s values natural honey taste. That is why our wildflower honey includes no additives or preservatives. We then filter at controlled temperatures to remove any impurities in the wildflower honey while also preserving the nutrients and flavor.

Wildflower honey is for the person seeking an authentic honey taste as it is found in nature. Bees usually gather their nectar from one type of flower at a time, but with so many bees in a hive, the honey produced by most bees is likely a wildflower variety.

Out of the four varietals, the taste of wildflower is the most subdued and light, adding a touch of sweetness to foods while not being overpowering. From year to year, the diverse flavor keeps taste buds stimulated and always tastes fresh and new.

Anna’s provides wildflower honey in a few ways, including bear bottles, an 18-ounce gift jar, and a large 36-ounce jar. Reminiscent of a simpler time, Anna’s mason jars are made with wide-mouth lids to make enjoying this honey easy.

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