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Why We Appreciate Spring

  • 2 min read

Why We Love The New Season

Tomorrow is March 20th and the official start of the new spring season. Often associated with new beginnings and growth, spring is a great time to set goals. We are glad to have experienced the winter, but there are many things Anna’s Honey appreciates about the spring.

The first thing people notice moving into the spring is the sunnier weather. Spending time outdoors is more comfortable and easier to do in the spring. Hiking, morning walks, and picnics are great ways to spend time in the upcoming months. Meet a friend or two and spend the warm summer days outdoors.

The transition from winter to spring changes a lot in nature, another great reason to get outside. As plants begin to grow and leaves reappear on trees, the beautiful spring scenery is easy to appreciate.

Fields of blooming wildflowers are an iconic sight. In the spring, honey bees leave their hive and pollinate these flowerbeds. At Anna’s Honey, we are excited to tend to these bees and enjoy more gourmet-quality honey.

Our beekeepers bring their bees to an abundance of clover, blackberry, and fireweed flowers to create each of our honey varietals. We understand some prefer a more natural honey taste, so we also make a wildflower honey varietal. This honey is made with a variety of flowers from the Pacific Northwest for a diverse taste.

For those who have never had Anna’s Honey before, the bright spring days are a perfect time to do so. Our honey enhances spring salads, teas, and breakfast foods. Throughout the spring season, enjoy a delicious taste made from fresh and luscious honey.

From everyone at Anna’s Honey, we hope you enjoy this spring season. For a variety of honey tastes, try one of our mason jars filled with grade-A honey.

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