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Why Does Honey Last So Long?

  • 2 min read

Long-Lasting Quality

When properly stored, honey can almost never go bad. It may feel strange to keep the same jar of honey at home for an entire year, but honey’s long-lasting quality is part of the reason why it is so beloved.

Honey is a remarkably unique kind of food. Its production begins with the nectar of flowers, harvested by bees and turned into honey. Honey bees save their honey to use as food later on during the winter season. Honey bees need their honey to last a long time. Without it, a hive would be unable to last through the cold weather.

Honey lasts incredibly long if stored in a dry place at room temperature. If the honey is too hot, it may lose its flavor and nutritional value.

Under normal circumstances, it is difficult for bacteria to grow on honey due to its unique properties. Bacteria can grow on honey when it is refrigerated or stored in a cold environment. Cold honey can also harden, which makes it difficult to pour or spoon out.

When honey is stored correctly, nothing can affect its quality. Honey lovers can enjoy sweet honey flavors for months to come. There is no need for a new jar until the honey entirely runs out.

If a jar of honey hasn’t been touched for a while, the honey may begin to crystalize. This occurs when the honey takes on a thicker consistency, and white crystals begin to form on the outside. This honey is perfectly safe to eat. Add some water to the jar and stir the honey back to its original state.

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