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Why Bees Make Honey

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Why Do Bees Make Their Honey?

The summer is finally here, and honey bees are here to enjoy the sun with us. Bees are very seasonal creatures. The summertime is ideal for bees to roam free in the warm weather and gather nectar from blooming flowers. Even though bees have been following their seasonal behavior for centuries, some may wonder why these creatures do what they do.

Bees make honey to enjoy later in the winter season. The summertime gives honey bees ample food sources, so the excess is saved in the form of honey. Each beehive must keep enough honey to make it through the following winter season. The bees depend on this honey, as they cannot gather any more food during cold months such as December and January.

Winter is the reason why honey can last for so long without expiring. The bees need to create honey and save it for months or years without degrading quality. The nutrients and sugar content in honey are vital to give honey bees the energy they need to keep their hive warm.

During the winter, bees gather inside their hive and move their wings to create heat to stay warm. Similar to hibernation, the bees remain in their home for the cold winter season. After the weather becomes clear, the bees will venture out of the hive again to gather more honey.

Beekeepers locate bees around an abundance of flowers to create plenty of honey. These bees benefit from a safe environment and can make honey in excess. Bees are kept around a single flower variety such as clover or fireweed to create unique honey varietals. By gathering nectar from one source, the honey's aroma, flavor, and appearance retain similar characteristics.

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