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What Makes Fireweed Honey So Popular?

  • 2 min read

A Dark & Rich Honey Flavor

Even as we enter into the chilly month of November, Anna’s Honey is seeing more and more people discover and enjoy different varietals of honey. Gourmet honey has always been terrific for baking, breakfast, and as a delicious sweet treat, but recently, one honey varietal has seen a surge of interest.

The honey varietal is fireweed honey and has several special qualities to make it an Anna’s Honey favorite. Fireweed honey is made from nectar specially gathered from Pacific Northwest fireweed. The rich, dark color and smooth flavor of this honey is enjoyed by many.

While the sweetness of honey may be overpowering to some, fireweed honey has a milder flavor profile. The sophisticated flavor has given this varietal the title, “The Champagne of Honey” and is revered by honey enthusiasts.

Fireweed honey is sold in a variety of places, but Anna’s Fireweed Honey has a cleaner and more fulfilling taste. This is because Anna’s filters honey using a controlled system, removing impurities while being able to maintain a low enough heat to preserve the flavor. Through this system, Anna’s offers the purest honey taste imaginable and brings out the darker notes of Fireweed Honey.

Since the flowers are native to the Pacific Northwest the fireweed flavor of honey distinctly regional. Bees need to be raised around an abundance of fireweed blossoms to create this honey varietal, so being based in the Northwest is important for making the best fireweed honey.

This honey comes from a limited harvest, received annually. This means the honey may taste slightly different year to year, as honey naturally does. Additionally, fireweed honey can go out of stock quickly and won’t be seen again until the next year. This is the case for all of Anna’s Honey, but due to fireweed’s recent popularity, this may be especially true in 2020 and into 2021.

Those eager to try this popular honey varietal have several options to choose from. For ease and convenience, try fireweed honey in a 12-ounce bear bottle. To use in baking and as a spread, considering a mini 12-ounce mason jar. To give a beautiful gift during the holiday season, receive fireweed honey in an 18-ounce glass gift jar.

Searching for the perfect honey flavor is part of the excitement that comes with Anna’s Honey. If the dark flavor of fireweed honey doesn’t appeal to someone, then Clover, Wildflower, or Blackberry certainly will. For all flavors of Honey and sugary cravings, Anna’s Honey is here to provide the highest quality possible.

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