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What is Honey Exactly?

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What is Honey?

Anna’s Honey has produced countless jars of honey since opening in 1980. After so much time creating honey, we often discuss the details and intricacies of our honey-making process. For now, we would like to move away from these intricacies and answer a fundamental question. What is honey?

Honey is a naturally sweet food found in nature. Its sticky, spreadable consistency makes it a wonderful treat to spread on sandwiches and breakfast foods. Honey is so sweet it works as a nutrient-rich sugar replacement. Baked goods, tea, and breakfast foods can all improve with the sweet flavor of honey.

By storing honey in jars, the floral flavor can last for many years without spoiling. Since honey has low moisture content and is high in sugar, bacteria can’t grow on it. When sealed in an airtight container and kept at room temperature, one single jar of honey can be enjoyed for over a year.

The long-lasting quality of honey can be attributed to the honey bees that make it. Honey bees gather nectar from flowers and beak the nectar down into simple sugars. These sugars are brought to a hive and further developed into honey.

This process is essential for beekeepers who tend to the needs of many bee colonies. These beekeepers will sometimes keep bees around a single flower variety. This way, the honey created takes on one uniform color, aroma, and taste. By gathering nectar from flowers in the Pacific Northwest, Anna’s Honey can produce many different honey varieties.

These varieties are referred to as varietals, and what makes each jar of Anna’s Honey unique. By gathering honey primarily from a single source of nectar, Anna’s can produce clover, blackberry, and fireweed honey.

These flavors can range from dark and rich to bright and sweet, but all share a similar honey taste. After many years of providing Grade-A gourmet honey, we are confident in our honey-making process. We hope you enjoy the luscious honey varietals we offer.

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