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Celebrate National Teddy Bear Day with Bear Bottles

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How the Teddy Bear Came to Be

September 9th marks National Teddy Bear Day, a day commemorating the popular children’s toy. Teddy bears are recognized worldwide and mean a lot to those who grew up with one.

According to the National Park Service, the history of the teddy bear dates over a century ago. On November 14, 1902, Theodore Roosevelt went on a hunting trip. On the trip, Roosevelt did not locate a single bear, so Roosevelt’s assistants decided to find one for him. After trapping a black bear, Roosevelt’s associates tied it to a willow tree and left to fetch the president.

After seeing what his assistants did, Roosevelt refused to shoot the bear. He viewed attacking a trapped bear unbecoming of a hunter. Word of the incident spread quickly. Soon after, a toy company asked Roosevelt if they could abbreviate his first name for a stuffed bear they were selling. Roosevelt accepted, and thus, the first teddy bear was made.

What Makes Teddy Bears Special

The lasting appeal of the iconic toy could be because of several reasons. The design of the teddy bear resembles a small bear cub and not a full-grown bear. The soft and fuzzy friend appeals to both boys and girls and is small enough to carry around. If made well, a teddy bear can last a long time, giving a child more than a toy, but a long-term friend who offers more comfort as time passes.

Anna’s Honey would like to celebrate Teddy Bear Day and the many teddy bears around the world the best way we can. By offering delicious gourmet honey in bear-shaped bottles.

Honey Bear Bottles

We are happy to serve a selection of four different honey bear bottles, perfect for students going back to school. The bear bottles come in four floral honey varietals: blackberry, clover, fireweed and wildflower.

Like the teddy bear, honey bear bottles have a history of their own. Bear bottles were created several decades after the teddy bear in the 1950s. Made with the loving relationship between bears and honey in mind, the cute design has endured for decades alongside the teddy bear.

The 12-ounce design of the bear bottle is conventional. The container has a flip-top lid and an easy-pour spout. This makes adding honey to recipes or hot tea easier, with less chance to accidentally make a mess. For this reason, some prefer to use bear bottles as opposed to mason jars.

Teddy bears and bear bottles both evoke a similar nostalgia. Children who once used bear bottles are now older, perhaps with children of their own. Today, Anna’s Honey remembers the special teddy bears of our lives. Reminisce of a simpler time with the thick, smooth, and fresh taste of Anna’s Bear Bottled Honey.

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