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Stay Healthy During the Summer With Anna's Honey

  • 2 min read

Stay Energized this Summer with Honey

In the last several weeks, the Pacific Northwest experienced record-high temperatures and some of the hottest days in history. It is important to feel energized and healthy during the hot summer season and adequately protect against the sun. Thankfully, Anna’s Honey can help.

Part of the reason people feel tired after enjoying the warm summer heat is due to the body fighting off the harmful effects of UV light. This light can cause harm when people aren’t used to receiving a large amount of sunlight.

The best way for individuals to stay energized is to help their immune systems with antioxidants. This nutrient is frequently found in berries, dark chocolate, and of course, honey. With more help from the antioxidants, the tired feeling you get from spending the day out in the sun can go away.

Commercial honey is heated to high temperatures, damaging its flavor and nutrition. To avoid this, Anna’s Honey uses a unique filtration method to preserve as many antioxidants as possible.

Anna’s Honey is filtered at 200 microns to remove any wax pieces and bee parts detrimental to the honey quality. Additionally, Anna’s Honey is not pasteurized, leaving the honey in its natural state. As a result, not only will the honey taste fresh, but it will also provide a greater amount of nutrients.

Fresh honey is best enjoyed in the summer to use as a glaze for barbeques, a sweetener for breakfast foods, and a natural replacement for sugar. In every bite, taste a pure and wholesome flavor from Pacific Northwest honey Bees.

Shop Anna’s Honey and discover a luscious honey flavor to enjoy for the rest of the summer. Every drop of our honey comes hive-fresh from Pacific Northwest honey bees for a clean and wholesome taste. We hope you find a new favorite with us.

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