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Say Something Sweet With Anna's Honey

  • 2 min read

Lovely Honey Varietals

February may be the shortest calendar month but is also one of the most exciting. February is filled with wonderful excuses to express love and appreciation to family, friends, and significant others. We all have people in our lives we want to say thank you to, so why not treat them to something sweet?

Flowers are a classic and traditional way to show affection, but so can honey. Giving honey for Valentine’s Day can be something special and memorable. To help guide honey gift decisions, Anna’s Honey asks to think about someone special and to find out which flavor may suit them best:

Clover Honey:

Clover honey is the most popular choice of honey for a good reason. It is both sweet and bright in terms of color and taste and is a classic honey flavor.

Giving this honey as a gift means the receiver is similar to clover honey. They are fun, cheery, and well-liked by the people around them. They have a sweet tooth but might disguise it by sweetening foods and drinks that may taste bitter without them.

Wildflower Honey:

This honey varietal is gathered by a variety of flowers throughout the Pacific Northwest. For this reason, wildflower honey is slightly darker than clover and tastes more complex. The flavor profile of this honey sits comfortably between sweet and rich.

The person who enjoys wildflower honey may be adventurous and free-spirited. They are more than willing to try new things, even taking a few risks from time to time. The variety of flowers used to create this honey varietal makes it unique and something to be savored.


Blackberry honey still tastes sweet but is more subdued, trending towards stronger and richer notes. This varietal performs well in baking and adds substance to breakfast, baked goods, and hot drinks.

Like the varietal, the person who receives this honey may be dependable and loyal. The wholesome flavor is a reflection of their support and stability.


Finally, fireweed honey is a rare delight meant to be savored. Fireweed flowers only bloom under specific conditions, making them more elusive than the other three honey varietals. Fireweed honey is flavorful and could even be described as fruity. Out of all the varietals from Anna’s Honey, fireweed is one of the most beloved.

Someone who likes fireweed honey may seem more reserved at first but express themselves effortlessly when given the opportunity. Like fireweed, people like them are hard to come by and are easy to remember.

Receive Honey in Time For Valentine's Day

Be sure to buy one of these honey varietals before February 8th to receive your sweet treat before Valentine’s Day. From everyone at Anna’s Honey, we hope you have a happy Valentine’s Day.

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