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Enjoy Rosh Hashanah 2020 With Anna's Honey

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A Long-Standing Tradition

On the evening of Friday, September 18th, Rosh Hashanah will begin. This holiday marks the beginning of the Jewish New Year and has been celebrated for over a millennium. Traditionally, many sweet foods are eaten over the span of Rosh Hashanah to represent good fortune in the new year.

The most popular Rosh Hashanah treats are dipped in deliciously sweet honey. Whether eating a crisp apple or indulging in soft challah bread, honey can play a big part in a Rosh Hashana celebration.

The Delicious Part of Rosh Hashanah

Anna’s Honey happily given Rosh Hashanah celebrations a delicious touch for decades. Our gourmet honey products are all naturally, never pasteurized and made without any preservatives or artificial ingredients. Our wide range of honey varietals also ensures there is a diversity of flavor.

For a group of four or five people, we recommend focusing on at least three different honey varietals. Flavors such as clover, wildflower, blackberry, and fireweed all offer distinctly sweet tastes to give a new experience every bite. Having multiple varietals also ensures there is plenty to go around for the whole day.

Our honey in mason jars have wide mouths, but we recommend pouring the honey into separate serving bowls to share easily. Cut up apples, pears, and bread for dipping, but remember to keep the food sweet for Rosh Hashanah.

Honey Cakes Made From Honey Varietals

Some will enjoy a slice of honey cake after their meal for a sweet ending to their Rosh Hashanah celebration. More than a sweet treat, honey cake also has many practical uses. Similar to the honey it is made from, this cake stays good for a very long time. Sending a honey cake to a relative who may live far away is a great way to stay in touch this Rosh Hashanah.

Anna’s Honey shared five Rosh Hashanah honey cake recipes in a previous blog post. The recipes are still great, but in the year 2020, Anna’s Honey has even more honey to choose from to give the cake a special kick.

For a natural honey flavored cake, try clover honey. It’s one of the most common honey varietals available, but Anna’s produces and processes the honey to retain natural nutrients. For a darker, richer flavor of honey, Anna’s Fireweed Honey is made after bees pollinate fireweed, a rare flower which only blooms after specific conditions. For a strong and full-bodied flavor, Anna’s Blackberry Honey comes from the flowering blackberry bushes native to the Pacific Northwest.

Rosh Hashanah is an important holiday and celebration. Hopefully, Anna’s Honey can help bring a sweet new year, and help create a memorable Rosh Hashanah.

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