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Raw Honey, Pasteurized Honey, & Anna’s Honey

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The Anna's Honey Difference

To make gourmet honey, Anna’s Honey must take many precautions and steps. Beekeepers must treat the bees with the best practices for keeping them happy and healthy. High-quality honey can only be produced by strong colonies of bees. Carefully tending to them is the highest priority.

Anna’s Clover, Blackberry, and Fireweed Honey are single-origin varietals, meaning the bees gather the majority of nectar from these plants to make their honey. Anna’s Wildflower Honey comes from a variety of blooming wildflowers from around the Pacific Northwest. Each of these four honey varietals adds a distinct and unique flavor. Anna's Honey harvests these varietals each year to deliver fresh and natural-tasting honey.

Raw & Pasteurized Honey

As soon as the honey comes out of the hive, the honey is in its raw honey form. While this kind of honey is sometimes eaten, there are still left-over impurities from the hive. These impurities include wax pieces and bee parts, which may be so small, the only way to get rid of them completely is through heating.

Commercial honey, also known as pasteurized honey, takes raw honey and heats at high temperatures to create a uniform honey flavor. This honey can be found when browsing the supermarket. Unlike raw honey, there is no risk of getting sick from eating pasteurized honey, but excessive heating leads to some undesired outcomes.

Heating honey to such high temperatures could impact the antioxidants and natural nutrition it normally provides. The high heat removes most of the natural flavor from raw honey. This is the reason why honey varietals like blackberry, cover, and wildflower are not universally recognized. For this reason, certain kinds of honey have added artificial ingredients to help supplement the loss in taste.

Anna's Honey

Both raw and pasteurized honey are both unideal for a great-tasting and clean honey. That’s why Anna’s Honey chooses to make honey a different way. All our honey is filtered at 200 microns to remove wax pieces and bee parts detrimental to gourmet honey, while also keeping the heat low enough to retain the flavor of the natural pollens.

The result is four delicious honey varietals, with each having a distinct flavor. Large commercial honey tastes the same year to year, but Anna’s Honey changes depending on the time the honey is collected. This gives Anna’s Honey a natural straight-from-the hive taste, while also remaining clean and safe.

For those who have never tasted gourmet honey before, Anna’s Clover Honey is a great place to start. The flavor is one of the most common honey varietals with a sweet and natural flavor. For those more acquainted, Anna’s Blackberry and Wildflower Honey have a darker color, giving the honey a deeper and richer flavor. No matter what kind of honey is enjoyed, Anna’s Honey is proud to offer Grade A, all-natural honey.

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