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We Appreciate Our Local Workers

  • 2 min read

Workers from the Pacific Northwest

Here at Anna’s Honey, we value our local workers who make our honey so delicious. The spotlight is often put on the finished product itself and we feel we should make more of an effort to recognize those who create it. This week, Anna’s would like to share a little bit about our Pacific Northwest workers and all that they do.

At Anna’s Honey, the first thing to notice is our workers don’t talk very much. As a matter of fact, no one has heard them speak much at all. Our workers are diligent and go into work with their heads down, always thinking of new and creative ways to build towards something. This isn’t to say our workers are unhappy, they simply prefer a non-verbal approach to communication.

Due to how hard these individuals push themselves, Anna’s is happy to provide long vacation hours. Generally, our workers will only work two seasons out of the year, Spring and Summer. Thankfully for our workers, they are never out of a job despite these strange hours.

Anna’s has an extensive benefits plan, including housing and shelter for the entire year. Resting during the fall and winter months means they can come back in the spring, remarkably motivated to create honey. This way, they can be far more productive than if they worked a more traditional 9-5 shift.

What stands is the impact our workers have on the rest of the world. Here at Anna’s it isn’t only about creating delicious tasting honey, it’s also making an effect on the world and its larger social and environmental ecosystems. Working for Anna’s, our workers have the opportunity to affect the entire world by what they do and we are proud of everything they have accomplished so far.

During this November, our workers are receiving some much-needed vacation time. Hopefully, we can all better appreciate the honey-makers at Anna’s and the hard work they put in. To begin tasting their terrific work, shop different Anna’s Honey varietals and see what the buzz is all about.


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