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Is Honey Vegan? & Other Honey FAQs

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Our Frequently Asked Questions

Anna’s Grade A honey has always been a delicious treat during the hot summer months. We began in 1980 in the flower-covered region of Kittitas Valley, Washington. For over forty years, we made our honey with one ingredient: farm-fresh, hive-ripened honey.

Over the years, we have heard many questions about honey and how it may affect specific diets. We hope the following frequently asked questions can better help our supporters make informed decisions.

Is Honey Vegan?

Unfortunately, honey is not a vegan food. Vegans abstain from eating food products made from animals. Although Anna’s uses the highest standard of beekeeping methods, honey is generally not accepted as vegan food.

Is Honey Healthier Than Sugar?

As someone may suspect, honey is a natural sweetener with significantly more benefits than simple table sugar. Honey includes antioxidants and other nutrients linked to helping with several health conditions.

Honey can also be used as a sugar replacement and is very useful in baking. Since honey is sweeter than sugar, replace the sugar with half the amount of honey and enjoy the various health benefits.

Is Honey Bad for Diabetics?

Honey is a sweetener, and like all other sweeteners, it affects individuals with diabetes. However, this doesn’t necessarily make it harmful, as honey is healthier than simple sugars and is safe in moderation. Before adding honey into a diet, Anna’s recommends speaking with a doctor about when it is safe to enjoy honey.

Is Honey Keto Friendly?

While honey has positive health benefits, the calories and carbs of honey make it a keto unfriendly food. However, for those with keto diets, peanut butter and hummus are both ketogenic friendly foods that can satisfy any honey cravings.

Can Babies Have Honey?

Honey includes bacteria that underdeveloped digestive systems may be unable to handle. For this reason, a baby under 12 months old should refrain from eating honey.

Is Honey Safe to Eat?

Anna’s makes its honey in the safest way possible. By using careful filtration methods, our honey includes no wax or bee parts and gives a pure and natural honey taste. By never heating our honey to excessively high temperatures, our honey's nutritional value and flavor are maintained. Try a luscious honey varietal today and taste the Anna’s Honey difference.

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