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The Importance of Natural Honey

  • 2 min read

Nutrition and Taste of Natural Honey

Creating honey is a complex process, which requires a tremendous amount of time and attention. From raising honey bees to careful filtration, some may wonder how there is such a difference in quality between different jars of honey. Creating Grade A quality honey isn’t always easy, but it is the only way Anna’s has made honey since we started over forty years ago.

Different jars of honey at the supermarket share the same uniform taste due to their heavier filtration methods. By heating at high temperatures, a large amount of honey can be filtered at once. At high heat, this honey loses its unique floral notes and its nutritional value.

Each of Anna’s Honey varietals is filtered at 200 microns. This leads to the removal of bee parts and wax pieces while preserving the flavor of natural pollens. By using minimal filtration techniques, the natural flavor can shine through. Anna’s honey contains no preservatives or artificial ingredients for the purest taste possible.

Due to these methods, Anna’s provides a variety of tastes with its honey varietals. Clover, Blackberry, and Fireweed honey are each of Anna’s single-origin flavors. By creating honey from nectar primarily from each of these flowers, each honey can take on a unique flavor profile. For example, honey made from blackberry bushes is satisfying honey that tastes dark and strong.

There are no additional flavorings added to these varietals. Instead, the flavor itself comes from the pollen of the flowers gathered. For those seeking an authentic honey varietal, Wildflower honey may be worth a try. This honey varietal comes from numerous flowers from the Pacific Northwest for a subdued and light honey flavor. Since bees naturally gather their pollen from many sources, this varietal is perfect for a straight-from-the-hive taste.

Creating natural and pure honey is difficult to do, but Anna’s Honey refuses to take shortcuts. We are confident our methods for making honey produces the best taste and the reason we have been able to continue doing what we love for as long as we have. For natural, Grade A honey varietals, shop Anna’s Honey and find a personal favorite.

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