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How Much is Too Much Honey?

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How Much Honey Is Too Much?

With different sizes, shapes, and varietals, sometimes it can be hard to know how much honey to buy at a time. One large mason jar of Clover Honey offers three times the amount from a plastic bear bottle, but how much honey is enough?

The first thing to remember is honey has a remarkably long shelf life. Even in large quantities, bacteria cannot grow on honey, making it safe to eat even after a long passage of time.

What Happens if Honey Sits for Too Long?

Sometimes, if honey sits for several months the honey will begin to crystalize, slowly becoming solid. Do not panic when this happens. Crystalized honey does not affect its quality or nutritional value. Some may even prefer eating this hardened version of honey. After trying crystalized honey, if someone would like to change the honey back to its regular consistency, simply heat the honey and it will return to its normal form.

All of this is to say that buying honey in large quantities may be a good idea. Even if someone wanted to enjoy a single tablespoon (one serving size of Anna’s Honey) of honey each day, one mason jar could last two months, but the honey itself would still deliver its great taste for many months longer.

How Much Honey Should a Person Eat?

Ultimately, how much honey a person needs depends greatly. Some may enjoy eating honey with only one of their meals, others may want to include it with almost everything they eat. No matter the situation, honey can last so long it can sit for months in a dry pantry for whenever its sweet flavor is needed. In time, the honey will eventually be used until the last drop.

The last thing to consider is the many different honey flavors from Anna’s Honey. Although a large amount of honey can last a long time, there are many varieties to be enjoyed. Instead of buying a single large portion, it may be a good idea to buy smaller amounts of honey to enjoy every few months.

What Are the Different Flavors of Honey?

Traditional honey flavors such as blackberry, clover, fireweed, and wildflower all offer delicious uniqueness. After trying these four, Anna’s Honey Stix and Creamed Honey can offer more exotic flavors. These honey sticks come in peach, raspberry, strawberry, sour apple, and watermelon for fruity and sweet flavors. Creamed honey combines the natural flavor of honey with even more interesting flavors such as apricot, almond, and cinnamon.

Due to the naturally long life of honey, there isn’t such a thing as too much. Even as an occasional indulgence, proper storing techniques will ensure honey can maintain its great taste and nutritional value for a year, or even longer.

Anna’s Honey creates premium grade-A honey to satisfy any sweet tooth. To add delicious flavor to any food, click here and begin shopping honey varietals.

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