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How Much Honey Is in a Mason Jar?

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Honey in Convenient and Traditional Glass Jars

Anna’s Honey Mason jars are reminiscent of a simpler time. The jars are a staple to package honey due to their effectiveness in keeping the honey stored. The tight seal prevents any moisture from entering in and potentially damaging the quality of the honey. The lid is easy to screw on or off, and the wide-mouth means spooning out honey is made very simple.

For all of these reasons, Anna’s uses these jars in many different sizes to keep the honey fresh and convenient to use. The only question is, how much honey is in each jar? While each jar is measured in ounces, it can be hard to translate how much honey there is.

A mini-12-Ounce honey jar contains about 16 tablespoons or 1 cup of honey. Depending on how much honey is used, 1 cup of honey can last different amounts of time. If a person enjoys adding honey into tea, two teaspoons make for a perfect touch of flavor in each cup. This means after 24 cups of tea, the jar will be finished.

The most popular mason jar is the 22-ounce jar of honey. These mason jars are the standard size and give 30 tablespoons per jar. One tablespoon of honey is enough to cover a slice of toast. For someone eating honey toast every day, this jar can last an entire month.

Finally, the largest mason jar from Anna’s is the pint-plus-sized 36-ounce mason jars. These mason jars come in wildflower and clover honey varieties. Each container gives 49 tablespoons of honey, which can be used interchangeably with syrup to top pancakes with. The amount of honey to put on pancakes can also be debated, but we think a good number is 4 tablespoons for every three pancakes. With this in mind, this mason jar can top over thirty-seven pancakes.

The right amount of honey is different for everyone, but anyone can appreciate Grade-A honey. Anna’s makes each of its honey varietals by heating it at low temperatures to preserve the natural honey flavor and color. For those looking to try a deliciously sweet jar of honey, we encourage you to shop Anna’s Honey Mason Jars.

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