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Four Delicious Honey Varietals

  • 2 min read

You may have come across different types and colors of honey while browsing at the grocery store. This is because honey comes in a wide array of varieties, also known as varietals.

As the busy honeybee goes from flower to flower gathering nectar, the honey varietal is being determined. The honey type is named after the bloom from which it's nectar was derived. This means that the always popular, Clover Honey is made from the nectar of clover flowers.

Sometimes bees will frequent the same type of flower, resulting in single source honey, or honey that is made from the nectar of one distinct flower class. Single origin honey often has a unique taste, color and aroma that can be attributed to its particular flower type. When bees visit many different flowers, such as wildflowers, the honey created is a delicious floral blend.

Honey varietals are very similar to wine varietals in that climate plays a huge role. A honey flavor made from the same flowers and the same locations may change slightly from year to year due to climate change. Temperature and rainfall can affect the nectar flavor which in turn, will affect the flavor, aroma and color of the honey.

At Anna's Honey we offer up to five honey varietals at any given time throughout the year. These are Wildflower, Clover, Blackberry, Raspberry and Fireweed. Currently we have four varieties available, as our Fireweed Honey is out of stock.

Our Wildflower honey is our floral blend honey created with nectar from wildflower blooms. All of our other honeys are considered single origin. Each of our honeys has a distinct color and flavor ranging from light and mild to dark and bold. Check out the picture above to see the range of honey colors.

What is your favorite honey varietal?

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