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Honey & Tea Pairing Guide

  • 3 min read

Enjoy the Fall With Warm Tea

The cozy autumn season has begun. Up in the Pacific Northwest, the hot summer weather is gone, replaced with a steady, cool breeze. When staying warm is something to consider, it is a good idea to have a hot tea on-hand.

As honey lovers, we love to add honey to our tea. Best of all, Anna’s Honey comes in many honey varietals for a diversity of flavor. For the best-flavored tea, certain kinds of honey pair well with specific tea. For an idea of where to start, we have made a list of a few flavors we enjoy with types of tea.

Black Tea

The most common kind of tea, black tea gives a full-bodied flavor. With its dark color, the tea has a sharp taste, but honey can alleviate this tea's strong notes.

Honey is naturally sweet. Adding a touch of clover honey is all that is needed. For a more exotic treat, we recommend branching out into even sweeter flavors. Anna’s Honey Stix come in cinnamon, peach, and watermelon flavors. Each is perfect for black tea.

The most important aspect to keep in mind is to try to reduce the strong flavor of the black tea. Thankfully, with sweet-tasting honey, even people who dislike black tea at first can still enjoy it with a more subtle flavor.

White Tea

On the opposite side of the tea spectrum, white tea has a remarkably gentle quality. This tea is so light in flavor if it is served too sweet, the taste may be overpowering. When pairing honey with white tea, consider the richness of the flavor.

To bring out a more even flavor from white tea, Anna’s Honey pairs it with its creamed honey flavors. The tartness of almond, lemon, or apricot creamed honey will help create a tea with a balanced flavor profile.

Green Tea

Green tea gives a fresh, floral taste. Green tea is best paired with bitter flavors to add more substance to the drink.

Anna's Honey suggests using our four sour honey stick flavors with green tea. Sour raspberry, strawberry, apple, and cherry flavors all give a flavorful kick to green tea. Each presents different flavors and aftertastes while serving their purpose to complement the green tea.

Oolong Tea

Oolong teas give a flavor that is smoky and complex. Unlike the other teas, it is a good idea to lean into the strengths of the Oolong tea rather than to try to balance the flavor.

The dark flavor of blackberry honey and smoky flavor of fireweed honey both play into the strengths of oolong tea. Both flavors come from specific places. Blackberry honey comes from the nectar of blackberry bushes native to the Pacific Northwest. Fireweed is a rare flower that blooms under certain conditions, making it a honey varietal in limited quantity. Adding either to oolong tea will create a rare and unique taste to delight any tea connoisseur.

Chai Tea

The taste of chai tea gives a blend of flavors. The tea is sweet as it is spicy. For this tea, Anna’s Honey recommends something creamy to match the mix of flavors.

Natural, blackberry, and cinnamon creamed honey all give stability to chai tea. These flavors of honey will add a hint of flavor, but more importantly, serve as a base for the drink.

Honey Adds Something New

For those who enjoy drinking tea, we hope you consider some of our suggestions. For us, making your day better with gourmet honey is our passion and we strive to make the best we can. From everyone at Anna’s Honey, we hope you enjoy this cozy Fall season.

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