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Should I Add Honey to My Coffee?

  • 2 min read

Finding the Right Kind of Honey

Adding honey to tea is a delicious way to sweeten a favorite drink and has been for years. Honey is a sweetener that occurs naturally in nature and can be substituted for sugar in almost any recipe. Despite this, adding honey to coffee is uncommon and isn’t often tried or discussed.

The reason for this may have to do with the flavors of honey. Depending on what type of flower a bee pollinates, the honey itself takes on a different flavor. Anna’s Honey offers four honey varietals: clobber, wildflower, blackberry, and fireweed and each has a distinctive taste. Adding sugar to coffee is a very simple way to add sweetness, but adding honey requires more consideration.

For lighter drink such as a latte or mocha, clover honey is a good option due to its mild taste. The stronger drinks, such as an americano or dark roast coffees are complemented by blackberry and wildflower honey due to the stronger flavor.

Sweet Benefits

Even if the flavor may change slightly, adding honey into coffee instead of sugar leads to benefits. Honey is a sweetener occurring naturally in nature. Unlike processed sugars, honey offers health benefits such as added antioxidants and other helpful nutrients.

When adding honey to hot coffee, Anna’s Honey suggests waiting several minutes for it to cool. When heated at high temperatures, some of the nutritional value of honey can be lost. This is why Anna’s Honey is made using a temperature-controlled system to retain the original nutrition natural honey has.

A Delicious Sugar Alternative

Adding honey to coffee may be unpopular now, but is in reality, healthier and better-tasting than adding refined sugar. The different honey varietals give control over the coffee’s flavor and finding a favorite can be a delicious process. Honey offers more nutrients and is rich in antioxidants.

Adding honey to tea is a wonderful treat, but there isn’t anything stopping honey and coffee from being an equally delicious pair. Find a rich honey varietal and see how much flavor and sweetness it can add to a favorite drink.

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