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Our Favorite Ways to Enjoy Honey on a Cold Day

  • 2 min read

Enjoy Honey Until Spring

When the weather outside is cold and snowy, the perfect thing to do is to enjoy a tasty snack inside. There is less than a month left in the winter season, and we feel the best way to enjoy our time before the spring is with delicious honey flavors.

Unlike refined sugars, honey is a sweetener found in nature. The rich and sweet taste also provides numerous health benefits, useful for fending off colds in winter. Keep in mind heating honey to high temperatures too quickly may affect its nutritional value. To get the most out of this sweet treat, heat it slowly or add it to warm foods afterward.

Before we all begin enjoying spring, Anna's has come up with a few ways to enjoy the upcoming weeks. Each is perfect to use up a jar of honey while staying warm and cozy at home.

Honey in Tea

Bitter and savory tea makes for the perfect companion to light and luscious honey. This delicious flavor combination is beloved for its delightful balance between two contrasting flavor profiles. Adding honey to tea instead of sugar adds health benefits and a more diverse flavor profile.

During the cold winter months, it is the perfect time to enjoy warm tea. Sweeter honey flavors such as clover and wildflower pair with black and chai teas. For those who prefer more floral teas such as green and oolong, richer honey varietals such as fireweed and blackberry can add more stability. For more information on how teas and honey can pair together, visit our Honey & Tea Pairing Guide.

Peanut Butter & Honey Panini Sandwich:

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are classic treats we remember fondly. By replacing honey with jelly in this simple three-ingredient sandwich, the taste becomes lighter and sweeter. This sandwich is also quick to make and perfect to enjoy for breakfast or lunch.

While this sandwich is delicious on its own, Anna’s suggests lightly toasting the sandwich in the winter. When peanut butter and honey are both warmed, they mix easier. The final product tastes smoother than a traditional peanut butter sandwich, with a satisfying melty texture.

Cook & Bake with Honey:

Honey has always helped serve as a natural replacement for sugar. When baking or cooking, honey is the best way to add texture and flavor while also sweetening foods.

Since honey is sweeter than sugar, substituting half the amount of sugar for honey gives the same amount of sweetness. More so than sugar, honey enhances the flavor of spicy foods by adding contrasting flavor notes. Asian-inspired dishes often make use of honey to gaze meats or to include in stir-fry meals.

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