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Enjoy Honey For a Year With Anna's Bulk Honey Pails

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Never Too Much Honey

Anna's Clover Honey is a beloved variety, enjoyed by anyone with an appreciation for classic honey flavor. For those who can't get enough clover honey, Anna's is happy to satisfy any honey need with its 1-gallon and 5-gallon pails of bulk clover honey.

Sometimes, one honey jar isn't enough. These two pails weigh 12-pounds and 60-pounds respectively and are best picked up in-person from Anna's Tukwila location. Each one will ensure plenty of clover honey flavor for months to come.

These pails boast a tremendous amount of honey, but using all of it may be easier than it seems. When stored properly, the shelf life of honey is remarkably long and could last years. The key to preserving honey for months and months is to make sure no moisture enters the honey pail. As long as the honey is kept in a dry environment with low humidity, the honey will be safe to eat.

With this in mind, buying a bulk pail of honey provides the best value. One gallon of honey is equal to 128 ounces of honey. This means a person who may go through three or four mason jars each year can receive a better deal for buying one large pail instead.

Honey pails also are more convenient since it saves the need to go out and buy more honey. Since there is so much, running out of clover honey won't be something to worry about for months to come.

Even if the honey in the pail begins to crystalize, returning it to a liquid state is easy. Warm the outside of the pail with warm water and watch as the honey returns to its normal state.

Clover honey is also the most popular honey varietals. This flavor gives a light and sweet honey taste to pair well with all kinds of baked goods, breakfast foods, and sandwiches. If someone likes honey at all, the chances are they'll love Anna's grade-A Clover honey.

A bulk pail of honey may seem like a lot at first, but Anna's Bulk Honey Pails present unbeatable value. For the person looking for the most honey for their money, these pails of clover honey are the best choice.

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