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Can Cats and Dogs Have Honey?

  • 2 min read

Is It Okay to Feed Pets Honey?

Honey isn’t only enjoyed by people. In nature, there are many animals who enjoy the rich and luscious taste of honey. Honey found in nature is a prized treat for most animals. Not only for the sweet flavor, but also for the antioxidants and important nutrients.

If other animals can eat honey, it would make sense for pets such as dogs and cats to also enjoy it, but this isn’t always necessarily the case. Honey has positive features, but also drawbacks.

Honey may be better for humans than normal table sugar, but it is also likely the sweetest treat pets will have in their diet. Because of this, it is very easy for pets to eat too much honey and cause digestive problems. The excess sweetness can lead to weight gain and is harmful to diabetic pets.

It is recommended to discuss giving a pet honey with a veterinarian before changing a pet’s diet. If honey is a good option for a dog or cat, it is important to enjoy the right kind of honey.

Some raw honey products are never filtered, leading to potentially harmful bacteria along with wax and bee parts. Conversely, pasteurized honey found at a supermarket lacks nutritional value. To strike the perfect balance, Anna’s uses a minimal filtration method and never pasteurizes its honey for the best taste and nutrition possible.

For over forty years, Anna’s Honey has made its honey with care and attention. Every jar comes ripe from the hive from honey bees in the Pacific Northwest. By not taking shortcuts with artificial ingredients, added sugar, or preservatives, Anna’s Honey remains pure and natural.

Anna’s Honey is the perfect choice for anyone interested in finding honey for a cat, dog, or person. Shop our many different honey varietals and begin to experience the clean and healthy taste of farm-fresh, hive-ripened, grade-A honey.

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