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The Bold Flavor of Blackberry Honey

  • 2 min read

A Darker and Richer Honey Flavor

As we enter into December, the days grow shorter and shorter. The temperature is now cooler and many people choose to celebrate the holiday season indoors among close friends and family.

Our bees are currently resting after a long season of honey-making, but we have plenty of honey to enjoy throughout the winter season. During these next several weeks, honey can make for a sweet addition to warm breakfast foods, tea, and sandwiches.

For those new to Anna’s Honey, we serve several different honey varietals. In a past blog post, we touched on fireweed honey and its popularity, but December lends itself better to a deeper and richer honey varietal: blackberry honey.

As the name suggests, blackberry honey is created from the nectar made from blackberry flowers. The taste is different than a traditional blackberry. Blackberry honey still retains the sweetness of honey, with fruity notes and a darker flavor and appearance.

All of Anna’s Honey comes from honey bees from the Pacific Northwest, the perfect place for blackberry flowers to blossom. In the summertime, these bees are kept around an abundance of these flowers. This allows for the creation of rich nectar made almost entirely from this one source. This nectar is made into raw honey, which is then filtered to retain the blackberry-honey flavor while removing any impurities for the best honey taste.

Blackberry honey is most enjoyed during cold months for several reasons. The full-bodied flavor of this honey is satisfying and gives weight to foods. The antioxidants in honey also boost immune systems and stay healthy which is especially important during cold weeks.

For those who already enjoy blackberry honey, consider giving this blackberry honey as a gift. We bottle blackberry honey in beautiful glass gift jars decorated with an illustration of a Pacific Northwest blackberry bush.

From everyone at Anna’s Honey, we hope you enjoy the rest of 2020 and hope you enjoy what we have to offer. For a delicious honey varietal to enjoy throughout the winter, enjoy our rich and deep blackberry honey and stay cozy all month long.

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