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Stay Healthy With Honey

  • 2 min read

How Honey Can Help

These days, it is more important than ever to try to stay happy and healthy. Social distancing can be a positive thing, working on new hobbies, reflecting on daily habits, and stopping the spread of dangerous viruses that may be buzzing around.

Unfortunately, this distancing can have some negative outcomes too, especially when it comes to seeing the people we’re close with. We miss the days of going out to do our favorite things and living normally. Ironically, the constant need for sanitation can also lead to our bodies losing their resilience to sickness.

But maybe Honey can help. Natural honey is made with antioxidants to help strengthen immune systems. This is important, especially considering most people have withdrawn from their normal germ exposure they got before social distancing. Enjoying honey is the perfect way to extend a helping hand to the white blood cells that keep us safe.

Perhaps the most important benefit, honey has a naturally sweet flavor. Unlike other processed sugars, the sweetness of honey occurs organically in nature. The glucose in honey gives immediate energy, while fructose takes a longer time to absorb into the body, giving energy over time. From the standpoint of taste and energy, honey makes us feel great.

Substitute the sugar in cooking and baking recipes with honey. Since honey is around twice as sweet as cane sugar, it is recommended to substitute half the amount of sugar with honey. While baking, add ½ a teaspoon of baking soda for each cup of honey. This will neutralize the acidity of honey while also helping the baked good rise. This allows gives all of the healthy benefits from honey while offering more flavor than regular sugar.

We understand how important staying healthy is. That’s why Anna’s Honey is never pasteurized and uses 100% pure and natural products without any preservatives or artificial ingredients. Our honey-making experts then use a temperature-controlled system to make sure every jar of honey is never overheated. This way, all of Anna’s Honey retains natural nutrients to offer to keep our supporters healthy. Anna’s Honey avoids taking any shortcuts. After all, it’s the only way to produce Grade A, all-natural honey. It’s the only way Anna's has made honey since 1980.

It can be hard to stay healthy during these times, but doing the little things can help in staying healthy and happy. Whether it is enjoying the natural nutrients from a jar of clover honey, sending a honey gift jar to a loved one, or sweetening a cup of tea with a honey stick, Anna’s Honey is happy to help.

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