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Now is The Perfect Time to Start Enjoying Anna's Honey

  • 2 min read

Enjoy Nature's Sweetener

In one short week, Halloween will be upon us, along with candy and other sugary treats. We love to indulge in the festivities, but more often than not, after Halloween comes to an end, our sugary cravings refuse to leave. Thankfully, Anna’s Honey has a delicious and healthy way to satisfy a sweet tooth.

Often, honey is not thought of as a sugar substitute. Commercially processed honey is heated at high temperatures, killing the natural enzymes and nutrients and changing the honey's flavor and fragrance. This is why honey at grocery stores give the same uniform honey flavor. On the surface, it may seem like honey can't satisfy the needs that processed sugars do, but Anna’s makes honey differently.

The reason why Anna's Honey can offer seventeen different flavors is because of our specialty temperature-controlled systems. By filtering at 200 microns, we preserve the honey’s natural flavor. Other natural ingredients can be added to honey to improve the taste as well. Our creamed honey feature honey mixed with real cinnamon, blackberries, apricots, and lemons for a multitude of delicious flavors.

After experimenting with a few flavors, hopefully, other sugary treats will start to sound less-attractive, and that is a good thing. Honey can provide a better, cleaner taste than processed sugars while also providing vital nutrients. Honey has antioxidants to strengthen immune systems and has no fat to help people continue feeling great.

Even baking can be improved with honey. Anna’s Honey has about twice the sweetness as cane sugar, so substituting half the amount of sugar can produce an even better-tasting end product.

To those who have never tried Anna’s Honey before, we hope everyone finds a favorite among our different honey flavors. Our bear bottles, mason jars, gift jars, honey sticks, and jars of creamed honey each have something unique to offer. We hope you enjoy our healthy alternatives to enjoy something sweet.

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