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Fun Facts About Candy Corn

  • 1 min read

Did you know that there is a National Candy Corn Day? It’s observed on October 30th.

Did you know that the popular Halloween treat is often made with honey? It is. Even the candy-company-we-shall-not-name-that-starts-with-the-letter-B advertises that fact proudly on their packaging.

These tasty holiday treats come in the shape of corn kernels. The base of this triangular-shaped confection is yellow, the middle is orange and the pointy tip is white.

Curious about how these treats came to be? George Renninger created the candy back in the 1800s. More history on this fall favorite candy, like why the candy comes in the shape of corn kernels, is in the video below:


Go ahead and buy a bag at your grocery or convenience store, or follow this KQED Food recipe and make your own!

Tell us in the comments below if your homemade version is better than the store bought variety.

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