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3 Ways to Enjoy Honey in the Morning

  • 2 min read

Brighten up your mornings this summer with a touch of honey! Not only is honey a delicious all natural sweetener, but honey is known to have a number of health benefits such as helping reduce allergy symptoms, as an energy booster, and so much more. Starting off your day with a tablespoon or two of honey can perk you right up and get your day going with a revitalizing start. Below, we have three simple ways you can incorporate honey into your morning routine.

1) Warm Water with Lemon & Honey - Wake your body up with a nice warm glass of water, and a spoonful of our Clover Honey and squeeze fresh lemon juice and mix until the honey is dissolved. Drink this first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. This is great to give you that morning boost you need along with cleansing your body. Want to add something extra? Grate up some fresh ginger and add it to the mix for an extra zing!

2) Yogurt Parfait Drizzled with Honey - This is a great snack to start your day off. We prefer to use unsweetened Greek yogurt so we can taste the natural flavors of the honey. Our favorite honey varietal? Wildflower! Create your own yogurt parfait and sweeten it with our delicious honey and add your favorite fruits and granola for a satisfying breakfast. Use our Honey Bear & Hive squeeze bottle for extra convenience!

3) Creamed Honey with Whole Grain Toast - For something a bit heartier, try our lusciously light Creamed Honey (we love the Blueberry flavor!) paired with your favorite toasted whole grain bread. Our Creamed Honey is smooth in texture and compliments the crispness of freshly toasted bread.

We'd love to hear if you try any of these above or if you have a favorite way you take your honey!

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